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FAQ - Eagle Plus Plumbing Service

Sink, Shower, Tabs

Why is there water underneath the sink?

  • The right place of water is in the sink not underneath it. Leave this discussion lets to talk about its reasons and repairing.
  • Normal wear tear of seals, emergency stops, tubular basket strainer and supply lines water find its way from the sink to under a sink bath or kitchen.
  • It is a horrible problem, but  Eagle Plus Plumbing Service plumber can fix it.

My tub stopper does not work .

  • Tub stopper is the thing which you always neglected when comes to plumbing troubles. With daily use and hard water, it loses its sealing function.
  • Call  Eagle Plus Plumbing Service to replace the old tub stopper with a new one within no time and enjoy the “bath ring.”

Faucet repair

My bathroom faucet is continuously dripping?

  • Drip, the trip sound is annoying when you are taking rest. With this dripping sound, your money is dripping out from the pocket by high water bills.
  • Call professional  Eagle Plus Plumbing Service help to save you from the water and money dripping.

If we purchase a faucet by ourselves will you install it?

  • Of course!  Eagle Plus Plumbing Service can offer quality and best faucet replacement.